The first issue of the CSDM research journal CONTEMPORARY STUDIES IN DISCRETE MATHEMATICS has been published.


The Centre for Studies in Discrete Mathematics (CSDM) is a noble initiative of the Department of Applied Science, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur, Kerala, India, to encourage quality research in Discrete Mathematics and allied areas, in collaboration with other reputed institutions and centres of excellence. The Centre works closely with people associated with teaching and research in related disciplines like computer science and electronics engineering. The Centre also organizes many activities by itself and together with other similar research centres.

The Centre is envisaged to act as an avenue for our teachers to interact with experts of national and international repute in the specific subject areas concerned. It will be highly useful for Mathematics teachers and researchers in their research as well as in their quality improvement. Discrete Mathematics has several significant applications in various fields, the Centre is also expected to develop as a model organisation which promotes good quality interdisciplinary research.

Broadly, the following are the aims and objectives of the CSDM:

  • To develop a centre of research in Discrete Mathematics in the College;
  • To popularize study and research in all areas in mathematics falling under the broad head of Discrete Mathematics;
  • To develop a resource centre for all information connected with Discrete Mathematics and related areas;
  • To establish access to reputed research databases.
  • To carry out research projects funded by Governments and other agencies.

Independent of their location or institution, any member of faculty, research scholar or post graduate student who is genuinely interested in the advancements of Discrete Mathematics and allied areas can take part in the activities of the Centre.