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Academic Activities

  • National Seminar NSDMA-2018

    CSDM organises the second annual National Seminar on Discrete Mathematics and Applications (NSDMA-2018) during 19-21, July 2018. Those who wish to participate and/or present papers may contact CSDM Coordinator at

  • New Issue of the CSDM Journal.
    (Date: 23, February 2018)

    The new issue of the journal Contemporary Studies in Discrete Mathematics (Volume-2, Issue-1, 2018) has been published. Readers can view and download the articles of the issue from here.

  • A Book on Graph Theory Published.(Date: 20, November 2017)

    The centre for Studies in Discrete Mathematics has published a book entitled Lecture Notes on Graph Theory authored by Dr Sudev Naduvath. The book can be accessed free of cost from CSDM website.

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