The activities of the Centre will be managed by a Steering Council formed according to the rules and regulations of the Centre. The council consists of 10-12 members, who have notable research backgrounds in the areas concerned.

The Head of the Department of Applied Sciences will be the Chairperson of the Centre. The Centre Coordinator shall be a member of teaching faculty who have notable research exposure in relevant fields of Discrete Mathematics.The Centre Coordinator shall be responsible for organising the various activities of the Centre. He may delegate the responsibility to other members of the Steering Council or to any other person. They may also form sub-committees for carrying out specific tasks. The Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining all necessary records connected with the activities of the Centre.

There shall be an Advisory Board consisting of senior academicians from within Vidya Academy of Science & Technology and from various parts of the world to guide advice and direct the various activities of the Centre. A panel of distinguished external advisors shall be formed by including experts in the area concerned, within India and abroad. The Board of External Advisors will be updated from time to time including more distinguished professors.

The members of the Advisory Board must be kept informed of all decisions taken by the Steering Council and also of all the activities conducted under the auspices of the Centre. The Steering Council is authorised to constitute the Advisory Board. The Steering Council shall ensure active involvements and academic contributions of all expert advisors of the Centre.

The Centre has also formed a core group of regional eminent collaborators and resource persons who can frequently visit the College and deliver series of lectures on various pure and inter-disciplinary topics in Discrete Mathematics and allied areas.