In order to realise its broad objectives, the Centre proposes to organise several activities. In the initial phase, the following activities are planned:

  1. Organise an inaugural ceremony together with a seminar with participation of researchers of repute in Discrete Mathematics and allied areas;
  2. Organise a National Conference/Seminar in every calendar year;
  3. Create and maintain a website of the Centre;
  4. Start publishing a Bulletin, preferably a half-yearly one;
  5. Organise regular seminars and talks;
  6. Organise frequent (preferably quarterly once) invited lectures by eminent mathematicians; and
  7. organise lecture series on various topics of interdisciplinary nature.

The Centre may initiate the following programmes in the second phase:

  1. Enrol students for PhD programme in mathematics;
  2. Start publishing a research journal and develop it into a good indexed one;
  3. Organise international seminars and colloquia; and
  4. Carry out research projects funded by Governments and other agencies.