The Centre for Studies in Discrete Mathematics publishes a high quality peer reviewed research journal namely Contemporary Studies in Discrete Mathematics. CSDM aims to publish the original research articles pertaining to various branches of Discrete Mathematics including Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Set Theory, Number Theory, Mathematical Logic, Information Theory, Probability, Theoretical Computer Science, Coding Theory, Cryptography, Algorithms, Automata etc.

The journal is an open access journal and is published in two issues - February and August - per volume annually.

The major objectives of the CSDM Journal are as follows:

  1. To set up and maintain a high class international research journal in Discrete Mathematics and related areas, which is indexed in established indexing services such as Web of Science, Scopus, Mathematical Reviews, Zb MATH etc.
  2. To contribute to the progress and extent of knowledge in the discipline Discrete Mathematics and related areas.
  3. To provide a world class platform researchers and members of faculty and other professionals to publish their research findings in the academic disciplines concerned before a wide range of academic community all over the world.

The journal aims to follow international standards in papers selection, refereeing, editing, proofing and production. CSDM aims to publish good quality research papers for a wide audience in the area concerned, bringing attention of researchers to the importance of Discrete Mathematics and allied areas and the relations and applicability not only to different branches of mathematics but to various other disciplines also.

The journal has an International Editorial Advisory Board which provides policy guidelines for publications in the journal.

CSDM has a good team of Editors from all over the world. A submitted paper will be refereed by at least two referees. The editorial board will make the decision within four to six months since the submission of an article. The centre coordinator will act as the managing editor of the journal. All expert advisors of the Centre will be in the Advisory Editorial Board of the journal.

At present, there are no article processingcharges or submission charges for the journal. For assistances regarding submission of articles, subscriptions etc., please contact the journal management team in the following e-mail id: